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Beautiful legs who is it in the front.
We walk in the back and look at it .
It gives a kick and not watching is heavy.
In order to subdue your eyes not to look
You would start to sing of the power and visibility.
Gosh gosh I close my eyes is better.
I can not keep from the front and wants to see it.
But was it now my desire.
I’ll run faster and see her face.
She is a bit disappointing and I walk more quickly.
I look around and go for it.
Me face other legs and a nice ass.
Let me go look again.
Maybe she have a nice mouth.
Weather walked past it I have better chance to look.
She looks at me what do you do now.
And I ontspring dance.
Quicker walking is my only chance.
Looking in the air with a deep laugh.
What would I like to caress and embrace.
I come on my work and shooting out laughing.
All I’ve been dreaming all day of what I saw.


Beautiful legs have the attention of every man.
Because they are so beautiful enjoy it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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