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Letters or Cards.

Letters or cards.


Letters you send or receive and it can sometimes take a while.
It is also difficult to write them but the text will remain.
Everything you’ve written for and with a reason.
Can someone else that it read let scream or burst into tears of happiness.
What is described can not more go wrong and can brings a lot of fun.
A good feeling will be there to follow and you are in the clouds.
If a sun that shines on the fire so hot you’re inside.
And like to start with writing back and start to take a paper.
Just think three times and then the ballpoint glide across the paper.
During the writing gives a lot of fun about what you all write.
Your feelings go through the pen to paper with words of wisdom.
Because what you write, no one can hear or see and it stays in your memory.
These beautiful and fun moments that another can not donate.
You want to write now and it all rhyme to each other.
You find the right words to seduce the other for a good feeling.
And would like to write a good cause and with a good sense.
So the message that you write the other is thinking about it.
Why are you doing this ?
So many pages have been written with a comprehensive text.
For whatever you write is certainly real with feelings.
You write from your heart all on the paper.
So when reading all become well understood and is it perhaps read again it.
For if they like it or do not understand but that will only appear subsequently after.
The letter you need to still send the correct address and a stamp on it.
The postman will deliver it and you hope for tomorrow.
But you do not know for sure, but it is waiting in suspense for the comment back.
Because you never know how they react after reading your letter.
And good letters are preserved in the archives of a municipality.
For as everyone knows “who writes that remains”


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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