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Life is Beautiful.

Life is Beautiful


Today we start to work first then go out for dinner and  later on to a movie.
Everything is running smoothly and everyone is happy with a good feel.
Go sleep early and dream about the future and if can not sleep and then it is  better to think about what happened on the past.
Wake up early in the morning , took breakfast and pack my suitcase after shower then  heading to the airport.
Check in and wait for departure but the plane was delayed.
Go to buy a drink and met an old friend of mine, we talk about the past, how cozy and familiar the everything was.
We together came into the conclusion that times were changing fast and it’s all different now.
Our childhood were different than our children in the present about this we both agreed with it and that made us worried.
Which direction should we heading to the future?
Everything is based on the individual now and it is not same as common as before.
The aggression has also increased and everything revolves around money and to be secure for our self.
Luckily the plane arrived and we had to leave because this conversation gave me no good prospects nor the feeling of being optimistic.
We said goodbye to each other and think about  the confidential and peaceful feeling we used to have before .
My dear friends, life is so beautiful so please ensure it remains the way it is
Learn to accept each other and live together in peace.
We make our life a lot more easier when we are friendly with each other.
Because that’s really worthy for a beautiful life together.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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