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Life is Strange Walking.

Life is Strange Walking.


You can not believe it.
Many of my loved ones and friends are already there.
They had a Heart of Gold.
But were not old.
They are gripped by nature.
Or succumbed to an accident.
They could do nothing about it or prevent it.
It was fate that has taken them away.
Destiny is how it happened and they could leave us.
Nobody had it in the holes.
Or was there at that time.
So you see your life is still worth not a cent.
It can change in seconds.
And then our feet are not even connected.
We have this not in control.
When our time comes, nobody can save us.
How much we would like.
It’s just wasting time.
We can not even more greet them.
It suddenly happened and everyone who mourns.
Mourn a great loss.
If you look at it, life is very dirty.
And certainly not clean.
And so I awake out from my dream.


With reminder to all my Friends.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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