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Life on large foot.

Life on large foot.


Many people are in financial trouble.
And have no more money to spend or consume.
The banks had made it too easy with their credit data.
A payment card and credit card they put on them on the no limiet.
With a good job they have a fixed monthly income.
The bank Give them the credit to spend and not to first learn how it works.
Because that is not as important as you can continue to buy what you want.
And spread the money back to pay to your balance.
Ohh what a great opportunity so to show that you can buy something.
Another does not need to know their is no money and you can really enjoy it.
At the checkout received allows you to let see your credit card !!!!!!!
And people are watching so they think that person has it up for grabs.
But the real life gives a different sign.
Had they but known it in advance.
Then it was definitely gone differently.
Now they must pay the interest in large numbers.
It’s bingo for the bank without all those balls, but with a lot of numbers on Your Bill.
The interest we pay is so high.
That we can not prevent the problems come.
And Your saldo back came off the balance in the red.
The card is confiscated.
And the bills just keep coming in Your letter box.
It was too good to be true to have no money and can buy.
And others into thinking that it could all easily.
For now they are fallen by the wayside and it’s all over.
And it is hoping for better times and their friends to avoid.
If they had remained in their own and not on big foot living .
Normal had done was all gone very differently.
And they were not over the limit on bank account and end up blocked.
I hope they have learned a lot from it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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