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Life without Regret.

Life without Regret


Life is not always hassle free.
When we do something wrong then the trouble begins.
If we understand what we have done wrong, then we will regret.
We must learn from our own mistake to prevent it from happen again.
Unfortunately there are not many person who can recognize that there is something goes wrong.
And then they have no regret for this.
Their life will only become more incorrigible and worse for the society.
They are a danger to their own without seeing it by themselves.
Turn others against them in the battle and make more enemies than friends.
Have no regrets and as a result, they are being avoided by others.
Give someone else a predominant feeling for a wrongful reason.
Are too proud to say sorry to them and show regret.
So we’d better leave them alone in their dreams.
Then sometime in the future they will have regret in their life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen  

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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Life without Regret

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