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Live with Gratitude then our Life will be Full of Wonders.

Live with Gratitude then our Life will be Full of Wonders


If we are proud of ourselves then it will give us a good feeling of satisfaction and self-esteem.
The moment when we have done something for someone else, and received an abundant thanks from them, that will give a confident and respectful impression.
Therefore it is very crucial to be ourselves and be thankful for others as well, in order to give them an excellent sense of appreciation.
Also, do not feel sad for the things that are unreachable for us at this time, but to know and realize what we have been achieved so far.
We should always have a feeling of gratitude for what we have right now, because then miracles may occurred around us if there is something new reveals.
Every morning when we wake up, we should be grateful and realize how beautiful our new day can be.
When we immediately seeing all the positive things, we are knowing that we can solve everything with a right formula it will give the perfect solution.
Be grateful that we can breathe new air again and enjoy the day with new opportunities, we ourselves are the one that can give this influence.
Give respect to get it back, and those who doesn’t want to have mutual respectful understanding with us are not the good partners in our life.
Gratitude for all the good things that we meet every day with self-esteem and avoid all the evil from ungrateful people.
A concatenation of grateful people in our circle of friends will perform more miracles than what we see in Walt Disney cartoons.
Have faith in ourselves, respect the laws and be gratitude for life, this may also give nature a chance to show us the miracles.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Live with Gratitude then our Life will be Full of Wonders

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  • Posted: June 23, 2014 16:50

    Anezia Maria Junqueira

    The self-esteem is all good in our life, Tank you so much my great friend Jan Jansen, kisses.
  • Posted: June 23, 2014 16:55

    Peggy Gottshall

    Jan again these words of yours tells me how much of a caring and a wise man you are , they are very true I know every Morning when I awake I,m happy I m here for another day and the first things come from my mouth is Thank you my Heavenly Father For Letting me live to see another Day God Bless you my precious Friend
  • Posted: June 23, 2014 16:56

    Tammy Bowen

    Good afternoon, Jan.. Life is very can shine everywhere if you want to do.....Thank you, Have a wonderful Monday...
  • Posted: March 6, 2015 12:41

    Cindy Capobianco

    Beautiful Story Easybranches, A reflection of your Morals and Character, You are an Honest person, with a youthful innocence.. and a true friend to many.. thank you Jan Jansen Easyjanjansen

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