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Living for Sport.

Living for Sport.


It is a separate life of its own.
Many people not thinking of this.
But to a Sport level to exercise it is a life of its own.
The Sport has you life in check.
Everything you do or you body moves has a meaning for Your Sport.
It is a love stand, which translates into performance.
Many do have that feeling but not the capacity to carry them out.
But that does not mean that they not do everything for it and love it.
It’s a feeling that is in the body and is a part of your life.
That part which take much attention and effort needed.
To perform this you must many things not specify from the everyday life.
Healthy eating, no smoking or alcoholic beverages.
Early to bed and train a lot with love for your sport performance to better.
There are also sports that also entail risks.
To perform with risk and the death to involve.
Your boundaries to improve on your previous performance.
Your body also needs to much energy and effort to do this.
Your effort a kick that beyond what you better did then before.
A better sense and a victory over yourself.
You look in the mirror and say to yourself, you see that you can do it.
And you’re proud that the weather has surpassed.
Efforts have again displayed where you do it for.
The feeling is like in heaven next to Petrus at the gate.
And say to Petrus, I do not yet arrived in heaven.


Many of us have this interest in life and death.
They risk their lives to perform to feel better.
The feeling that nobody can give them.
It’s the kick and Sporting achievement in life.
The life of the Sport.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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