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Living to Depend on Each Other is the Golden Rule of Nature.

Living to Depend on Each Other is the Golden Rule of Nature


If our biography which we can give to everyone we meet is not with words then it’s in our minds.
There are many things that most people forget unconsciously or not ready to stand with the golden rule that we all need each other to survive on this planet.
Its totally wrong for anyone who think that they are independent and can survive without depending on any other person.
It does not matter who or what they are, we are all interdependent to each other, even sometimes we have the choice to choose only to rely on certain persons.
But that is not always so, and it can sometimes be very unpleasant but we simply have no choice at that moment .
Dependent on others is also a very serious matter, because we cannot control themselves but still need to be submissive to them just because of want to get things done.
It is actually can be a subconscious torture to us but this is now so common in our life that we should see it differently and just go along with traditional and customary way.
This will also create the peace among people as we are all depending on one another, so we can make a wise choice between us to get things done.
That decision therefore give limitations to our behavior and thus our character may be able to calm down in a condition that certain provisions will not be excluded.
Actually, everything for living is being well regulated by the mother nature and everyone should behave sensibly to follow the rules.
Temperament and a steadfast personality have multiple ways to get everyone involved.                                                                                                               Staying together with others in a friendly atmosphere and everything need to be done in a social and understandable way.
The golden rule of mother of nature for everyone is to live and depend on each other in life, so every human and nature will be left unscathed.
It is therefore very sad to know that some people changes in mind and think their exist on earth is to “use or being used “


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Living to Depend on Each Other is the Golden Rule of Nature

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  • Posted: May 11, 2014 16:14

    Danielle Rose-West

    I think if everyone lived unselfishly, it would be a different world. If we all thought of each other and understood how much we need each other, we would think differently. There has been far too much degeneration of morals and community. People live too selfishly and don't think of tomorrow. I always remember something I read about Native Americans. They understood that you should think seven generations ahead. It's a very wise concept. If we did that and only took what we actually need, the world wouldn't be in the mess it's in right now. I think's we'd all be wise to change the way we see things and work to live in harmony together and with our world.
  • Posted: May 11, 2014 16:15

    Veena Vijan

    And this planet is Dependant on the creator
  • Posted: May 11, 2014 16:16

    Celine Adduci

    This is phenomenal Jan Jansen
  • Posted: May 11, 2014 16:18

    Lori Helstrom

    #ONEUnited with nature and humanity. An unbreakable bond. A beautiful way of life I so desperately seek for myself and future generations. I refuse to give up hope that it will be so one day.
  • Posted: May 11, 2014 16:19

    GT Opcje Dla Ciebie

    Jan Jansen It also depends on the fact if we act according to the golden rule Be happy
  • Posted: May 11, 2014 16:20

    LaFée Joe

    Thank you Jan . Have a good afternoon Sunday. The quote is true . Avec de l'entraite et beaucoup de compréhension et de tolérance nous ne faisons qu'un..

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