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Do You feel that sometimes also , we have so many friends and family.
Around us also a lot of peoples in a crowded place.
Right in the center of the place where we live.
In a building where hundreds of people walking back and forth.
Sit on a terrace where all the tables are fully occupied.
Where three different servants come to You simultaneously and ask You for order. You need to say twice that you’ve already ordered and they walk away disappointed.
All people look so friendly for you and want to greet you.
Somes are trying to make you laugh, and whether you want to join with them or they come to sit with you.
You give a nod in front of them but in Your mind You think better leave me alone.
Every invites to You and offer will dies with Your eye wink.
You have many opportunities to have a great day with fun.
But your own still feel lonely in this beautiful world.
You think and hope that there will be a change soon.
With all those lesser restrictions and without boundaries.
Where lonely not counts anymore .


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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