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Looking Ahead.

Looking Ahead.


Looking into the future, there are few who can do.
Mostly because they not like to see another get a award.
They prefer to do everything alone.
And look first three times around them.
They think it can alone be done.
But that will not gain much profit.
They see sharing as an art and not as a favor.
A favor that comes back to You.
And the wise guys continue to be faithful.
They know there is always something to distribute and receive.
They are the wise who remain.
You know to show them your ideas.
Where another can only dream of.
You shake them right out of your sleeve.
Every Woman wants to marry with this.
But that’s not what you think.
In that area you are stupid.
You just want to score with deeds.
And no think about love gathering.
Your thinking is knowledge love for work.
And Sundays to the temple or church.
The ideas flying around.
But the right people find for this is too far.
It’s all so weird and strange.
You would almost quacking like a duck.
You want to try everything together and they can also learn everything.
But they do not realize that.
And selfishness is what they screwed up.
Something you do not understand.


Together there is so much to achieve.
The money is up for grabs.
You just have to do it together.
Because all ideas are about making money.
And the future than you can fill in yourself on paper.
But please be then not stingy.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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