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Nobody like to loss and that is understandable.
Nobody wants to say goodbye if you love someone.
When we lose someone or something that hurts.
But that is something we can not control and can happen suddenly.
So it is with business suddenly something may happen.
Something you cannot control, and must take the loss.
Many of us can not handle the loss but they still try to handle it.
Do everything for not to lose and even try to force things.
Maneuvering in all positions in order not to lose it.
Can sell something but they not do it , because then they suffered no loss.
Forget that they have invested in it and it’s freeze money.
Even they are at loss , they still can continuous with their business.
And through new money You have earned You can make the new profit.
So it is better to take a loss so that You can gain the profit back.
This is obviously not something that always works but you can consider for it.
And then make the smartest decision  for you.
But one thing I’ve learned well in my life.
If You never want to loss in Your life , You may never win also !
There is impossible to win always in business.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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