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Love at First Sight.

Love at First Sight


You suddenly came into my eye sight and I was shocked.
Looks very beautiful and had such a charming smile with those white teeth.
You have an attractive face with that long curly hair over Your shoulder.
I was Immediately overwhelmed and being fascinated by You.
Wanted to talk with You in order to know more about You but my heart was pounding hard.
But I was just an ordinary guy and so naive to think that I could persuade You, an elegant woman with such class and beauty to love me.
I get the chance to make a special attempt to seize the opportunity and talk with You.
So we have the chance to know each other and we all can come to know about each other more deeply.
But  I had conned myself  to believe this.
Because Your feelings seems to be very different and my impression of You has proven otherwise.
We have got some nice drinks together and I have given my best but that was not help me.
There was another person already walked into Your life where You had already given Your love in the heart to him.
So I had to accept after all this pain in my life where my soul has gone away now.
But what more can I do now?


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Love at First Sight

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