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Love is infinite ?


Love is infinite ?


Yes love is infinite and sometimes unreachable.
It is not just for the taking.
You have much to do and especially for that first kiss.
Believe in the other this can be difficult.
And sometimes do feel pain and sometimes very good.
Because someone else throws spanner in the works and does not speak well.
And would know everything better about love and understanding.
This gives you another tip.
The tip that not always comes from two sides.
But that will not change your love feelings.
You run madly through the reeds.
You see the trees in the forest no longer stand.
And runs into it.
You feelings are destroyed and you must re up against it.
Fighting against an infinite path.
Who would ever have imagined.
My feelings are so large and the other thrown it into the gutter.
He or She is not ready for the step to a united couple.
I don’t believe my own eyes and feelings.
But that’s what the other sees.


Yes it is not always as we want or think.
But that will give us no less love.
In life, is it give and take.
And the real partner come for sure.
And when not in real life then in my dreams.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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