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Love sees no differences.


Love sees no differences.


There is no limit in the love it can go very far.
So deep that you no more can sleep.
And you’re day just to gawk.
You will a different person no more see.
It is one that you heart beat faster.
Your thoughts reach to the moon.
You blood is as hot as the Sun.
If it is over, you jump from the balcony.
You are as in the clouds.
And to speak you should use interpreters.
Because together speech is inaudible.
Gosh gosh what has made your heart make for You now.
You want so much to tell and want every minute to call.
Everything still in your thoughts.
Where should you wait on now.
Encounter the only chance to feel it.
Feel how much your love is.
Or do you have it wrong ?


We no need each other to understand or comprehend for to fall in love.
There can be a feeling arise just by looking at each other.
It gives you a good feeling inside.
A stomach full of spiders.
You want to follow your heart and you are almost overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed by the problems that will follow.
For you are not alone and where will it go.


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