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Lovely and luxurious life.

Lovely and luxurious life.

Yeah who not wants it.
Nice to do everything in your thoughts comes up.
Nowhere to have to look or think off.
Everything can afford and can do.
No budget have to calculate whether it can.
All possibilities and have time to do what you like.
That everything is ready and waiting on you to make decisions.
The decision of what we do again today.
What is the agenda or in my thoughts.
Yes, that’s where we all waiting for.
In order to do that and do in life.
Do not worry and think about tomorrow.
Everything is already there before you know it.
And everything you have and can handle it.
That’s the beauty in life.
If someone else could can give you everything.
You do have to do anything.
For it is only a matter of Money.
With money you can make everything.
And let another looking to Your glory.
Because not everyone has money.
Many people have to make do with what they have.
And that can create many problems.
They do not have any good cards or a Joker to bluff.
They are the jokers in life ..
And the rich have everything.
The respect and even get their hard-earned money.
Because that is in life the game being played.
The poor continue to work and the riche get more rich.
But who have the most highly pain ?


It is in life an unfair game.
But that’s life is not that what counts.
The poor give the rich power.
And the good cards and the aces.
So who are now the smartest in the country.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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