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Magnitude of Life is to Find the Exact Ratio from Amplitude of Our Own Mind


Magnitude of Life is to Find the Exact Ratio from Amplitude of Our Mind

If we are short-sighted thinking, we will never be able to reach a larger scale of life, because then we will just continue rounding in a small circle without any big plans for ourselves.
By thinking big, there is a chance or possibility that some considerably things are feasible within our reach.
The more extensive our plans or strategy is, the more opportunities we can create to let it succeed when everything is being proportionately set to each other.
Even when there is a small deviation, we still have sufficient capacity to achieve it above average, and then expand it again at a later stage.
Limited thoughts will reduce the eventuality or perhaps minimize and even preclude any possibilities on future prospects and prosperity.
Wide philosophize with great expectations can increase our mental capacity, this also will extend the ideas to gigantic fantasies that can result in extension which may surprise ourselves.
So we can be hopeful to carry out things that it is feasible within our mind and boosts enthusiasm to the extreme with an optimistic outgrowth for a good concluding.
Amazing dreams might sound to be excessive but it belong to the basic elements of the acquired reality, so we can almost achieve any realistic dream.
Our mind imagination can be the mastermind for a new discovery, when we do something with it and not throw in the towel, because if we really do so, then we have no chance at all.
We must believe in ourselves and make a conception out of our imagination on how we are going to tackle and expand it upon successful findings about the consequences.
Magnitude of life is the exact proportion from amplitude of our mind which give a significant meaning of life bestow to ourselves.

I wish You a Good and Healthy Life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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