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Malicious pleasure.

Malicious pleasure.


More often it happens that there am laughing at the misery of another.
It’s sometimes nice to see it.
And everyone can not help to start laughing.
Would not like to start , but it’s so comical that it is impossible notto laugh.
Not thinking of the misery and pain that another has of it.
Our laugh muscles are just not checking at that time.
We understand the situation or what has happened but not think.
And if it happened to us , that you get the same of laughter.
So we understand it but are not happy.
And that is understandable for someone else if we shriek with laughter.
At that terrible moment and the problems begin for another human.
Something at that moment no one can checking that.
The fun of us and the misery of others.
The strange thing about this is that both do not want it and it happened anyway.
One has much pleasure and the other human pain and other aggressive behavior.
Aggression by pain and hate because its laughing at misery.
But these are things in life that we never can change.
You will probably also have experienced ?
It’s just a nasty strange experience that with the best care must be solved.
First you can not resist laughing and then you do not know how fast you can try to help.
The entertainment and laugh get change into care and search for a solution.
The hate is transformed into joy that someone offers help.
At the end everyone is happy or not happy.
But in any case welcome help in misery.
And help with misery to take a good laugh.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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