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Manipulate !!!!!!!

Manipulate !!!!!!!


Many things can be manipulated, but then you must first learn it.
To know how everything works and functions cannot be learned easily.
Also You can manipulate to cheat while study at school.
Watching the text in Your hands or on a small piece of paper during the exam.
Learning to manipulate and provoking them to be good.
Things affect and changes from the original.
Updating and improvise so that more opportunities arise for a better performance.
You can achieve the performance while others can not.
It is better to learn and not to manipulate.
Manipulate is shortsighted thinking which will give You no future.
In the long term, everyone will know who you are.
And you can forget to do business with others.
They will also not approach You for  doing business.
Learned from the past with You and with A bow around you.
You will lost contact in business or Your private life.
That would be damaging to your reputation when others start to think bad about You .
And then you leave Yourself with only manipulating and provoking.
You will lost Your friends, business contacts and also lost Your revenue .
All then what left for You are the costs for life.
That is not something that can be manipulated or be provocative.
This will let You suffering for Your whole life.
You will be suffering and moaning when You are old , because this all You make by Yourself.
And You understand why Your friends no more support You.
Because they all know that You are always manipulating and provoking in Your life.
And You will finally realize that you have done it wrong by manipulating.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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