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Then you must be very much in love.
The wedding organizing, because on that day, everyone should be happy to respond.
There is so much in advance to arrange before the time comes to give each other the rings.
Perhaps I better remain in my parents house .
But we better not assume if you’re going to take these steps.
Because we all want to get married only once in life.
Another’s love and faithfulness give from the heart.
Who would have thought of married before .
Now it sounds like music to the ears and we are happy.
Together are for the rest of life in good harmony.
Good times and bad time are things that we can not avoid.
Together everything under control and fix the problem if there are any.
Together with all supporting and difficulties we are not going to groan.
The word , Yes ,  it is for life and not for fun.
Unfortunately, many people do not take along so far.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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