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It is nice to look at.
Especially when it is decorated and painted nicely.
If it is hanging on the wall, we can know what is behind.
But if it is a person with a mask we cannot know what is behind it.
Even when the mask is off , we still wouldn’t know the real person.
And we can give it a place in our minds about how that person behaviour.
But in reality, everything can be different and we can make a misjudgement.
Because there are many people in the population who have multiple faces.
They can play in a role which is totally different from their real character.
They have always different faces and trying to get advantages out of it.
That’s what they call people with two faces, but they might have more than that.
They are good actors in their own lives movie to get them a better life.
Actually they are fooled and every time just looking for new victims.
The mask still on and off or change it as for their convenience.
Can be emotional and cry or laugh at their own control.
Yes that’s a life but no life without worry or dangers.
Because without mask they are easily to exposed themselves.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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