UA-33449711-5 Maturity is the Way how Quickly We can Recover from a Temporary Setback. - Jan Jansen

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Maturity is the Way how Quickly We can Recover from a Temporary Setback.

Maturity is the Way how Quickly We can Recover from a Temporary Setback


If we ourselves always immature and behave like a children then it seems that we have learned nothing from our experience, and that will raised question to others.
Immature or playful can be two different things but it is actually a sign of weakness in self-assurance.
Take full responsibility of all the common issues is a sign of strength, with the confidence knowing that there is always a solution.
Even though the mountain is so high, we can always reach the top with our perseverance, strength, knowledge and patience.
Always willing to admit our mistakes, because everyone makes it.
And when we can take the responsibility, there will also be a respected solution for everybody.
Sometime to admit wrong doing is just indicate that we are not afraid to accept the consequences of our mistakes, and this is guarantees an act by an adult.
Most of us will suffer in different kinds of setbacks in life, its all dependent on ourselves whether want to be sorrow or how quickly we can recover from there.
Everyone has their own ability and we should not have the feelings of shame of our defeats in order to prepare for a rapid restoration.
We should not store all the setbacks in our minds, move on instead and take the responsibility for it so we can proudly find a solution and our life goes on with a smile.
The best behavior we can have is to accept the mistake done by us.
Because taking the responsibility of it is a sign of maturity, it is also more likely can provide a solution to the help for others who respect our behavior.
Nobody will rectify us with our own immature and childish act.
Be mature and behave like an adult, the solution is usually nearer than we often think if we are able to accept full responsibility.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Maturity is the Way how Quickly We can Recover from a Temporary Setback

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  • Posted: June 3, 2014 19:58

    Titien Susianto

    Good morning Sir Jan, difficult Subject, should be smart enough and need patience to do it, right Sr thank you very much
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:02

    Lori Helstrom

    Thank you Jan. Sometimes we all need to put ourselves in check no matter who we are.
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:04

    Rakesh Aggarwal

    Easier said than done !!! very Idealistic !!! we mortals r bundles of emotions !!! Our emotions trigger reaction to every stimuli !!! Self - control or self poise help us to some extent to have a rational and objective view of the stimuli and its aftermath effects !!! Good Morning Jan Jansen !!![NoCache]
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:05

    Loredana Ciccarelli

    Maturity is a period of life that we could rebaptize reflection and revolution . Thanks you my dear Jan
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:08

    Anezia Maria Junqueira

    Maturity is the way that we can recover all. sad ands others, tank you Jan Jansen, very beautiful lines, kisses dear friend
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:09

    LaFée Joe

    Thank Jan for your true words ! !Le temps fera son affaire . Ne pas douter de nos possibilités avancer pas à pas sans se retourner . B+Ne pas oublier l'enfant qui est en nous mais apprendre de nos erreurs comme vous le dites si bien. Great Tuesday.
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:14

    Tammy Bowen

    Good morning, Jan..., we have to learn many things from our experiences then we will be step up.... Thank you so much....Have a wonderful day...
  • Posted: June 3, 2014 20:15

    Cynthia Gonzalez

    Jan A start of a new week. A fresh start... I like your inspiring words and respect "The best behavior we can have is to accept the mistake done by us." Responsibility is hard for some. Being mature and behavioral character can also be misunderstood. People with bipolar disorder will initiate these behaviors and responsibilities are the same. I know a few. I close colleagues and work partner is a amazing writer and written over twenty-five books. We taught together at the same campus in the same classroom. I helped him through some of his ups and downs. Brilliant man and great college writing instructor. He knew magic. Loved fireworks. He was like a kid sometimes. Temporarily we are able to accept full responsibility. He did when he had to act like an adult. I share the same philosophy. We are dear friends and he used a drawing I gave him for a suggestion as a jacket on his latest book. Story was similar to my experiences. A nice surprise. Jan , you surprise me daily , with your amazing stories, poems, most of all your encouraging words. I'm reflecting on a few and recognize my own behavior inscribed. Some are helpful to clear up my uncertainty . Your more than an author. Your a friend. Your messages are read by those like me who need your inspiring words. I'm not perfect and gave up my dreams for others to be happy. I question a lot of things now that I'm older. Like okay I gave up all those years and what now? Is it true? Do we really get rewarded for SACRIFICE? Did I miss out or not? I believe when we are removed from the fun times and put in adult world too soon then years later, you do wonder , what is that experience. Midlife crisis ? I think got married too young crisis. I can hardly wait to try out my new wings. Have a wonderful blessed new week full of happiness and good health.

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