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Meant for Each Other.

Meant for Each Other.


We treasure our life and future.
The future for us both.
This we can not avoid.
The love we feel together.
And are cuddling together.
That can not be a coincidence.
We make each other happy.
There is nothing that can separate us.
We need each other only rejoice.
With love and laughter and joking.
We making many jokes.
So tender can be anything.
Love is the most beautiful in our lives.
Our thoughts much joy to meet.
And every day, all welcome.
Love makes us happy.
Therefore there are Thousands in line.
To be able to experience.
Together give love to one another.
As no one else can do that.
But why is all about …….?
Give me better a quick kiss.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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