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It can make or break you.
There are many already succumbed.
They could not bear the wealth and riches.
All counts from money and many questions.
They wanted to do everything at once because they have money.
The money was their life.
Fame and famous is the story.
They went for the looks and glamor.
It also changed their own identity.
And sometimes went it out of the rules from the lives.
Because they thought they could buy everything.
Many friends come and go.
They would all benefit from the wealth in abundance.
And do not even know the difference between evil and good.
Lost respect and even their own existence.
But because they could not care for another life.
Acting for money is their only goal.
And put their best foot in front.
Some want to do much for this and go for the limit.
Because all what they do just for the money.
Everyone wants to have money.
Much prefer that you also can sleep in it.
So you can swim in the money.
And buy everything so there are no brakes.
But many forget the dangers of money.
It have good sides but more dangerous sides.
And that true love does not count any more.
Money can give you many things in life.
You can partially rescue body and health.
But if you days are counted.


Where is then the big money ?


Not go for money but for Feeling, go bring You more Happiness.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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