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Mother and Child.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Mother and Child


Mother and Child.


They are two hands on a belly.
Are together in a fish trap and are connected to each other.
And this law they can not violate.
Mother and child are one, and not without worries.
Many problems will still come after together.
From birth until well into your dreams.
There is still a long way to go.
But together they are strong.
With much Love and warmth to share.
The love that another can not give.
That is the care from Mother Nature.
And Mother and childs adventure.
They are matched to each other and sometimes it seems like a plague.
If the child starts to cry and you brain start to bulge.
Then there is something wrong and make it back on Mother’s side.
She does everything from her heart and great love plays a part.
The part of Mother and Child so know where You begin.
Parenting is an important responsibility.
And You are twenty-four hours standby.
If your child you need.
Is it everything you give or done.
Nothing is too much or you too well.
You only think of a good fortune.


The Love of a Mother and child.
Realms to infinity.
Give them our full attention.
And teach them in life to understand the rules.
That one needs to function properly.
In this society of money and power.
Give them the riches and wisdom along.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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