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They come in all sizes and with holes.
You can paint them in all colors and decorating.
And for others to let smiling.
It is not something a Woman surprised.
It brings her to the right place.
Beautiful, all those decorations on your hands.
You would be able to a wall to papered.
That takes only a lot of time.
But you will not regret it later.
Nails a part of your life.
That Mother Nature has given you.
You have nothing to do for it to have.
Your got also from Your Mother at birth also a Kiss.
Edit and decorate nails.
It can only strengthen your ego.
You seem to be even a better looks.
So you take your own decision and do what you want.
You almost never charged because almost the Bill You not pay by Yourself.
That’s the beauty in life.
Let another give money out for life and existence.
Then you have the next day a better life.


Nails you can watch it for hours.
But good care of them and clean them.
Dirty Nails is not good.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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