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Never have Inner Intentions to Hurt Others.

Never have Inner Intentions to Hurt Others


We actually constantly confronted with it, especially when we were young and not so wise as we are in now.
A good example is the time that we learned in school where many different types of kids were sitting together and anyone who had to contend with some flaws or shortcomings will be hurt as a victim.
Someone can have everything materialistic but when they miss the intelligence to appreciate it and be happy for this, show the respect to all and let others live in their own value.
We were all together still too young to realize that we hurt others with it and without thinking too much about this, and no one could do anything because our brains was not yet developed.
But those who thus came into contact with it will be constantly bullied thus this will give severely depressed to them later and they reluctantly went to school.
Because it will be no stop if there is anything happened, bullying was immediately repeated, because they found it tough to belittle against each other and to hurt them.
The biggest problem was the clothes and appearance of the body, but this is not related about the intelligence to hurt us and all this was happened at our school.
If the parents are financially good then their children usually had nicer clothes and more pocket money than others.
Mostly bullying just begin because of different shoes or passive physical impressions which started with making a wrong observations and so they could be a laughing stock by others.
Fortunately, we now reached to an age that we can think about it and realize that happiness in life have nothing to do with money or ostentation.
But it have to do with our inner satisfaction, as soon as we are in balance with ourselves, then we will be wealthy and happy.
Therefore, do not hurt others if we are lucky to possess what others miss and respect everybody’s circumstances with a peaceful heart and mind.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Never have Inner Intentions to Hurt Others.

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  • Posted: November 28, 2013 17:23

    Sol Mendes

    Thank you one more time to share so wise words dear Jan Jansen.. Have a Lovely day.
  • Posted: November 28, 2013 17:29

    Sunil Kumar Mishra

    When we intend to hurt somebody ,first we have to hurt ourselves and then we hurt others. Thank you very much

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