UA-33449711-5 Never Look Down on Someone because Everyone has their Own Talent. - Jan Jansen

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Never Look Down on Someone because Everyone has their Own Talent.

Never Look Down on Someone because Everyone has their Own Talent


Everyone on this earth are different and nobody is the same as every person has their own personality and finger prints.
Appearance never can radiate the intelligence of a person or tell their ability.
We better not judge someone by their outlooks because it can be very surprising sometimes and we will be mistaken for our own judgement.
If we condemn and look down on them is something that does not fit in our social life, because everyone has their self-esteem and talents.
Some of them might still don’t know about their own added value but certainly they have talent in a particular area.
When we have more luck than other because we can discover our talent quickly,  we should just happy to be there.
But we certainly should not look down on other who not yet had the opportunities to achieve the same as us, it is either they not ready or still seeking for their talent.
They have tried several things which can satisfy with their hearts but it is just not suitable and they have to try something else more harder.
Some people simply need more time than others and that is not bad or a strange thing.
Respect everyone as they all have their own talent and we should not bother them, because we can not change them anyway.
Let them keep their own values because they do not know themselves better when they think they are more compare to others but we understand that everyone is equal.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Never Look Down on Someone because Everyone has their Own Talent

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  • Posted: June 16, 2013 15:04

    Julie Rose

    So very true. Great Quotes thank you so much for sharing to me dear friend Mr. Jan Jansen, have a great weekend , God Bless You
  • Posted: June 16, 2013 15:08

    Jessica Acub

    Very nice pages and phases i really appreciate it, we are only a human being that can be tempted and make a mistake sometimes, but never to judge people. Be humble to yourself what you are, so that no discrimination others.. You make me happy Sir jan .
  • Posted: June 16, 2013 15:12

    Maro Rached

    You are right Never we should judge on appearance
  • Posted: June 16, 2013 15:12

    Lorita Prejoles

    Very true...thank you so much jan..ur a great author of poem... impressive
  • Posted: June 16, 2013 15:16

    Chai Hui Lee

    Never look down on someone because of their present situation/position/condition. Sometimes the people whom you look down on today will be the best one you look up tomorrow. When the things/special gift/awards are find with you, don't treat them like they are insignificant. A person who is down today wouldn't be forever slow down unless he/she endeavor to climb up triumphantly over adversities tomorrow. In the world, no one can predict the future.... only God knows what tomorrow holds. Some people say that nobody is perfect. Well I think that everybody is perfect, just in different ways. Thank you for your forwarding wonderful message to me for sharing~Jan. I also want to say "Happy Father Day" to you. Sending my best wishes for you and your family there. See you again. Bye.
  • Posted: June 17, 2013 01:55

    Natthikorn Nakchu

    Yeah Jan, I'm agree , please let's look at the action, nice poem , nice create pic.thanks a lot Jan.

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