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No Insurance for Light.

No Insurance for Light.


Cold is all what I see now.
It’s all ice on the walls.
So cold that you can not burn your own.
You can not walk.
Just slide down from your thighs.
Teeth chattering is the result it .
At least if you’re going for.
It is high and cold above.
As scary as you look.
Fall down, then the light goes out.
You will not go survive it.
It is as hard as stone.
And you will not get through it.
It will break all your bones.
And the insurance beg.
To your family not to pay.
Because they make great stories about .
They go to extremes, because it comes to coins.
And then they want you to leave your money with flutes.
So they do not have to pay again.
And back in the big pot for to grind.
The premiums we pay for good coverage.
But pay is not the scope thereof.
Then did you read the small print but should.
For in the clause is the word truth resurrected.
The payout will never come.
It is only to dream of.
The premium you must pay for it.
But there is not to get money back.
That is the assurance at this time.
So turn the light but off.
Because the insurance does not regret.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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