UA-33449711-5 It is Not Difficult to get Things that We Want in Our Life if We can Always be Humble. - Jan Jansen

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It is Not Difficult to get Things that We Want in Our Life if We can Always be Humble.

It is Not Difficult to get Things that We Want in Our Life if We can Always be Humble


Nature does not need us but we need it to survive, so always relativize our life with nature and be content with whatever things that comes into our life.
Who does good will meet better, if we appear ourselves smaller than who we are to the outsiders, so it is difficult for them to belittle us.
Ask ourselves what life want from us not what we want in life.
Of course, we must also have a purpose in our life, but it should not be something that we only can accomplish it in our dream.
Be realistic and that can make the difference in our lifestyle between relaxed and a stressed life, because no one can break iron with hands.
Also realize that we are all interdependent of each other from the beginining of our birth.
A wise man know that it never changed, so we should help each other as much as possible, from our heart.
If we ourselves are not on the victory podium, we can not fall and this will give us more relaxation because no one expect a better performance from us.
Humility means that we can understand each other quickly, because nobody is perfect and rapid acceptance of this is needed to be smart.
We will understand ourselves and others more faster so a disappointment will not come to us easily.
People who are humble will be able to make more fun for their views on life and with humility they can make their own laughter.
They will not quick judge others and this will bring better feelings among the circle, so never wait for acknowledgments from others, because they know their place in the society.
The silence is what motivates them and acceptance of what they already have in life and to appreciate all the experiences will give them a free life.
That give an easier opportunity in social life because others do not see them as a challenger but as a person who do not want to gain power in there.
But more importantly for them is to find friendship and not always looking for the errors by someone else, knowing that when two people are fighting, both sides are wrong,
Allow others to learn something with a reward will determine how far we’ve come, because the conditions we have will show what we can achieve.
Someone who has suffered setbacks also knows that it will determine the circumstances on how far we can go.
Friendship and social are so important in our life, so we need to build a good foundation with that  which can lead us to a better life.
Self-knowledge is so important, we can realize it when we look into the mirror and smile to acknowledge that humility is the right choice.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - It is Not Difficult to get Things that We Want in Our Life if We can Always be Humble

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  • Posted: February 5, 2014 17:30

    Angela Field

    Very important piece, thank you!! A strong foundation makes for a strong building that can change shape and withstand the storms!!
  • Posted: February 5, 2014 17:30

    Teresa Ruskowski

    more text gorgeous friend Jan! a great day for you
  • Posted: February 5, 2014 17:31

    Maria Patricia Perez Perez

    I love this words...thank you Jan...
  • Posted: February 5, 2014 17:32

    Lynette Cairns

    Thank you Jan i agree the humble person will do better to quiet and in the background and work behind the scene's.. Have a great day
  • Posted: February 5, 2014 17:37

    Carl Turechek

    Humble gets you stomped out!

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