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Who would not go to look.
All these athletes can be seen sweating and performing.
It’s all hard to combine and do.
The decency and respect that athletes facing each other have been nice to see.
All that cheering a lot of entertainment and enjoyment.
Everyone wants to perform and dominate each other by competing in the contest.
When the starting gun fired go the brakes loose.
And they go for the best places on the podium.
They get the most out of their bodies and want to do anything.
Every day training with a structured schedule and restraint.
Special food and plenty of rest is now a first priority.
Give up everything to perform for the sport and morality.
Love for the sport in the first place and do it with meaning.
But that’s just the beginning of a long road to the summit.
At the Olympic Games is the Top of the World present.
People who already have gone this long road and with all their hearts for it.
Have performed and winning in the past.
Their talents have already shown to the world.
World Top performance delivered and won.
And even knowing where they started and having fun in it.
To all this you can now watch in real life or on TV.
As their are no two, there’s only one that can win gold.
Followed by Silver and Bronze for the rest no places to win on the stage.
And the prices to fall outside the honorary podium.
His mentally and physically exhausted and mentally frustrated.
But have at least tried to reach it.
And are only viewed live by the rich and noble.
For the price of a ticket I didn’t want even check it.
If you look at what a spectacle the whole organisation is then you know the entrance is not cheap.
It takes a large amount but you are sure the sport and relax.
Relax and watch champions that attract you with pleasure.
It recovers the health from anyone on.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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