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On the Lookout.

On the Lookout.


You look for something in life to survive.
Because it can be over in seconds.
Look out for it !!!!!!!
You heard something and are on your guard.
Your eyes begin to spin around.
Who is now back to fooling around You.
Its You or them.
Where did that sound come from?
You are right in front of it.
They walk around with full suits with fur.
Look what happened.
You see it and it is so colored.
And brightened up there in the field.
Each one a different color on the skin.
It are the birds that whistle.
But that’s not where you are watching.
They are the pheasants that attract your attention.
And the wings extend.
You think of a nice meal in your thoughts.
But then you have to wait.
Running is the story for the prey and the food.
They fly away and are no longer accessible.
There goes your meal.
And is looking at a next prey.
The victim, you need every day.
But certainly not Wait for You.
It is a struggle of life and death.
Without the victim is your death.


Be happy with your life.
In nature is it killing to survive.
Look out for the danger.
Life is like a stranger.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen

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