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On the Rails.

On the Rails.


It’s lonely on the rails.
But around it is busy enough.
We can look at many different things with the speed we go.
If we look to the left or right it is an experience.
We know that nobody else can pass by us that increase the fun.
Chained on the rails but we stick to our path and go forward.
Our foundation is built in the ground strong as the beams under the train tracks.
Change of direction is impossible as our direction is determined.
The speed can help us to achieve , to pay back all the investment.
The people who believe in the concept will grow with us.
The investments we have done in the past.
With large numbers come back in the drawer.
The drawer is opened and with this money we are working on a new products.
As we continue to compete , the foundation  will be more stronger.
Continue to grow is the result of sweat and tears.
Smile is the result of appreciation and satisfaction of work.
Feelings of the heart where everyone in the team works with it.
We see our train every day cross the boundaries and driving with high speed.
Because that is the right way to have better times.
Nobody will know our final destination , but nothing can stop the train.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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