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On Time

Time, on time is a Gift.
At least it starts to look like that .
There are many factors which we may come too late.
Missed the bus, oversleeping, too much traffic, the bridge was open, there was an accident, family member was sick, had pet with me to the doctor, it was raining, the road was too slick, a flat tire and so but by ………
But there are many measures we can take before to prevent just that you do not come on time.
You can already begin to prepare you well on Your appointment and word.
Then you can estimate how long you take to get there to time on your appointment.
Then look how much away it is in time from where you are at that moment.
Even better is that if you think it is about an hour to go an hour before or even a half hour earlier to go away, because you never know what there on the way can still happen.
On time is so important in your life.
It determines so much about yourself and you feel it is a responsible thing.
It is better to come early and wait for your appointment.Then come too late and loss your word and losing respect.

Because ……. Appointments are made for them up to follow.

I wish You a Timeless life


All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen

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