UA-33449711-5 Our Life can not rewind so let's Cherish every Moment. - Jan Jansen

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Our Life can not rewind so let’s Cherish every Moment.

Our Life can not rewind so let’s Cherish every Moment


Our life in the past life can not return, that’s already went passed us.
So we have to treasure every moment that we can have fun with respect.
We appreciate fine moments with each other through the good communication and feelings between us.
The love and peace that we give to each other can makes everything a lots more friendlier.
Start every day with a good mood and great prospect for the future.
Give everyone a free space to be themselves for a better relationship.
Respect friendships and relationships with courtesy.
Knowing how important the interaction between each other and this also can help to work together and build a better future.
Money comes money goes but true friendships are not easy to get so we should cherish every moment in our life.
Give respect and we will get respect, cherish the good life to live in a pleasant way.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Our Life can not rewind so let's Cherish every Moment

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  • Posted: March 3, 2013 12:44

    Liliana Oprea

    yes, family and friends are our only wealth ... there are many examples of people who have more money, but are themselves...
  • Posted: March 3, 2013 12:45

    Peter Gregg

    We have to live in the now and in the future - we cannot undo the past
  • Posted: March 3, 2013 12:46

    Wonderful Jan Jansen . Beautifully spoken words. Thank you
  • Posted: March 3, 2013 12:46

    Irani Souza

    never do to anyone what you do not want to make you !!!! thanks Jan Jansen....
  • Posted: March 3, 2013 12:47

    Wasana KongsaKulsup

    Thank you Jan ..eveything that occurs in my life,whether good or bad. today we did not go back something dad is the lesson, I asked something was the cost to create a encouragement

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