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Passionate about Our Dreams.

Passionate about Our Dreams


We sometimes startled awake from a dream that has touched our hearts.
Immediately after awake and thinking about it to not let our mind go.
We have seen things in this dream which could be a reality.
Continuous to have  this dream in our minds and we are so passionate about it.
Even we know is not good to handle this because now our entirely thoughts are overload.
We have seen some good idea in this dream and think that we need to take it  because this might change our entire life.
Or we may have dreamed about something sensitive for us and that might keep us busy.
Those are simple elements in our life that is unaware by us but it keeps on appeared in our mind.
Day dreaming about good things is something very normal because we are all dreamers.
Be Passionate about our dreams, “dream for our life” and “live on our dreams”



I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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