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Many people in life have it not.
And go like beasts to time.
They know their own not to conquer.
And making a cobweb for them self.
A cobweb where they are in buried.
As the sea with many waves.
They can not see underwater.
But everything must go quickly for them that they not forget.
Patience is a virtue in life.
Patience may be a good future give.
Patience is something that always wins.
Patience is something where it always begins.
It is not easy to control yourself.
But it’s the first thing you should learn.
You learn to deal with feelings.
Feelings even though it hurt.
Patience and control should be there.
That’s a good deed in life.
And you know where you stand for.
The situation can monitor and direct.
If it gets out of hand, you also know what to do.
This is in life that matters.
It’s about patience and balance in life.
The right balance is in sight.
This is a message in life.


Patience is not easy in life.
But that’s where it all turns around.
Quick decisions gives more problems.
That is the reality.
Quick to do is quickly make a mistake.
Do not skate on thin ice from a overnight freezing .
And think carefully about a decision.
Decisions have no return ticket.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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