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Peace on Earth.

Peace on earth.


How can we keep the peace ?
It has so much danger and suffering.
Only for certain people, is it good and win much money.
It is doing business with the suffering of others.
Bring others in danger and trouble.
A form of exercising power and show.
How much it will cost does not matter.
Its still pay by the tax payer and not out of pocket.
That others grieve because loss their children or loved ones .
Plays no role anymore.
Their sit comfortably in the chair at the coffee or anything else.
And their life goes through a normal day with security around them.
Armored cars and a bunker when it become too dangerous.
What actually moves in the head with those people ?
They have everything and millions to spend and want to show that they have power.
For another opinion, I can not give or see.
They try to grab land or products or as in Syria to show who’s boss, while the people what the country has built want to change to a better life.
Others follow their quietly in their power also to their position with a job and salary not to lose.
Where does it go in this world.
Mankind will destroy each other this way by the big boys in the government who make it a game to show who has power.
They can also solve everything in peace without violence and with compromises to close.
Everyone happy and peace on earth and that is the word of power , peace.
Close deals without causing problems.
Talk and discuss after than a peaceful solution.
I hope that we see this in our lives.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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