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Pleasure in life is what we want to experience.
Do what we want without too much sorrows.
Thinking about tomorrow but life today.
Today do what we can not more do tomorrow.
That is something that will not work, so it is better to pick it this day.
You will do what gives pleasure so that you can laugh and vultures.
Make for Your own to get fun and its a pleasure.
Not so as the majority those that forsake and not knowing what to do.
You’re someone who can laugh without blushing and do not know what is angry.
Angry and wrong thinking is for the stupid, you would rather laugh.
And find it better to laugh at the stupid things that happen.
Positive thinking and with lots of pleasure and a good feeling.
Therefore is it also good when pleasure is Your purpose in life.
With smile of Your mouth is the life healthy also.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



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