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Nobody sits there waiting for the problem.
And they not expect it to comes.
Nobody want to face the problem because it have no mercy.
There is always a reason why the problems come.
And the problems always come in the wrong time.
We want to direct them to someone else.
But nobody would want to received.
Everybody think only of their own interests.
We can also understand this.
Another person don’t want to be involved with Your problem.
So we have to correct this by ourself .
And limit our freedom with more works.
So we come out of trouble, and have something to do.
Unfortunately our world revolves only for the money.
We can not more make easy social contacts, .
We are too busy to do and arrange everything .
What shall we do again tomorrow.
We no need to listen to the media.
Not to read any newspaper or watch TV .
That would put negative views for our mind.
And that’s  precisely nobody hope on.
Live your life  better and go to the right way.
Thats the best for You with  more luck.
And you can easily solve all existing problems.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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