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Promise to you.

Promise to you.


You feel you’ve been cheated.
If they say it to you.
This is all the same as a dog that laying eggs.(not true)
They don’t know to combine things.
And then they also go swear.
I promise and swear that I do it.
But that is the same as the barking of a cow.(not true)
For 80% it’s already a lie and it cost them no power.
They are only words that they say.
Which does not have an underlying value.
How can they now live like that.
And they give to you their lies.
They do so with malice purpose
Since you do not have to think long about this.
Why do they want to hurt you there.
It would have been better If They close their mouth.
Now they are the evil in you mind.
you no need to wait on their word .
You do not listen to them.
Not even when they are whispering to you.
You’ve broken their relationship.
And will not like to be stoked
But that person is a primal stupid.
But you do not care about it anymore .
And know Your own way.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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