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Look out what comes out of your mouth and what you say.
Before you know it people talk bad.
They no want to believe you anymore because You promise something You can not do.
Will not be the same as You and also no more look at you.
His once already succumbed to your words and do not want to listen this anymore.
Have already been known and are you forgotten.
Are you not ogle, because they are already drunk on You.
Have had enough of you and there you stand in the cold.
You’re lost confidence and they prefer to give you a turn around the ears.
But they can not, and fortunately they have that in mind.
Otherwise it would be wrong end and there you’d better hope not.
You have either asked for it and it deserves with give Your promise.
And lied to the people what you really can not keep.
Even you know that promise is a guilt and remorse.
I hope they forgive you soon.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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