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Rain over the mountains.

Rain over the mountains.


Rains comes down from the clouds.
These are the natural things.
The rains drop on our body.
And our body are all wet from the rains.
That is good for flowers and plants.
Rains over the mountains and drops on the land.
The farmers do not need to splash water on their farm.
And everything grow fast naturally.
It has its pros and cons.
If we have to walk outside our clothes can get wet.
We can use an umbrella.
But we can’t cover up our whole body.
If we say that then we are at lying to ourself.
Everything is being control by the nature.
Because if we could predict for the rains then we are converted !
Then every day the sun will be shining.
And we should not be moody about it.
But nature would be distort and disappear by themselve.
Without the water from the rains which comes from the mountains.
Many things would be weakened and disrupted.
And we will be surprised to find a good solution.
Author Jan Jansen
Your Success is Our Victory and a Victory is Our Success.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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