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Rain gets everyone in his life.
Everyone has it also in his own life it not always sunshine.
It is not always easy to be resistant to it.
Because rain can come with heavy rain and wind storm, lightning and hurricanes.
We are sometimes not fully prepared for it.
Because it is something of Mother Nature.
And it can be a tenth of seconds to come up.
As with the natural human the feelings can also be change in a second.
We all want sunshine and rain when we sleep.
But that’s just a wish we’re not in a position to control it.
And we must be guided by nature and protect against the rain.
Too much rainfall can also cause many problems.
Such as floods, land sinking, lightning struck and much more.
But there is also a positive side to the rain.
Everyone gets it in life.
We need in our lives and our existence.


And after rain comes sunshine.
Even in our own lives come after bad times good times.
See the positive and learn to live with, because it usually takes just a moment.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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