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Sitting on a romantic place with a book in hand.
Leaning back in an armchair relax the book open.
Start reading in a moving story with substance.
Fully sympathize with the writer and believe it is true.
It is written so that every detail could be reality.
With good and bad moments that are so written as in reality.
Loving excesses and solvable problems are described.
Fascinating moments that turn into passion and desire.
Deflect fears with and peacefulness together.
You own so carried away in the imagination of the writer.
Totally sympathize and empathize with the story.
Imagine and have a vision or whether it really happened.
Intense look forward to the next chapter.
As we approach the end probably already know or can think of.
Chapter after chapter, we imagine something what is there not.
The end is in sight but the story is so confusing and unpredictable.
Every time you think to know it and gives the story again a different turn.
It carried the tension in your thoughts and feelings.
You want to read it at once but the food must be prepared on …….
You read the chapter from and after fold closed.
And You go dealing with the food and cooking.
But you keep your spiritual feelings with the book in Your power.
Your thoughts and feelings are no longer with the food.
Who would have thought now with the title of the book ” My husband and I “


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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