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Many people do not know what that is.
It is the responsibility for something.
It is an obligation to ensure that something is successful.
And a task that brings with heavy responsibilities on it.
But many people want not to take this responsibility on those duties and do not see it or not want to see it.
But this is precisely one criteria that determine the level and qualification of the person.
A person responsible for dispositions become a task on qualification.
It does the obligation to assigned duties with maximum effectiveness and efficiency practical to implement.
You may also be prompted to give you responsibility for a task and result in the best possible maximum results and to communicate this with a team.
You have given responsibility to you or accepted and the actions that are required to follow the maximum result.
Easy to explain and hence in collaboration with a team this information and instruction to others to explain in a way that the best results and collaboration entail.
Everyone gets his job and executes to achieve maximum results.
That is once again distributing the responsibilities to Your team members.
But the end result of all light completely is in your hands because you have the leadership of the team and are responsible for the final result with the team.
They will be required that You shows that the responsibility and You can prove Your professional qualities of results.


Results show in function because that are the responsibilities of a leader.
Do you let your responsibilities in life see with qualities.
Living together as a Team caring for each other.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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