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You come from the bed, comes home in a hotel room or other place and there is a romantic surprise awaits you.
Who would not get that special feeling and what each person and body needs receive.
You feel as if the sky opens and you and a new life starts.
It gives you a good feeling and better feelings about the relationship with the person who gave this romantic surprise.
There is a new door for you open behind that door is more tenderness and love.
That moment is never more to be forgotten and you are in the clouds.
Many rays of sunshine given to You in the subsequent period.
You are indeed the ideal couple, there are major signs of love and feelings.
Your heart can not go wrong and it beat faster.
Or do you now let your own tricked or seduced.
To name just a once nice to have sex.
No. You should not think so and give your partner lots of love.
As this is very special and gives you more moral.
See the positive of it and leave it not by once.
Kiss each other as much as possible and not see it as a plan.
Romance in life is so beautiful.
It is better than lives in a cage.
Every day the same chorus is also no music in your life.
Enjoy it, and take it because life is so over.
But in life it is side by side.
Support each other in good times and bad.
Is that something we never should avoid.
Be sweet and romantic towards each other.
So that they say this is the perfect couple.


I wish you a loving romantic life.
Author Jan Jansen


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