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Sensible Individuals See the Real Person Behind the Flaws

Sensible Individuals See the Real Person Behind the Flaws

Every sensible functioning person is responsible for his behavior and mistakes, when they also take responsibility for it then intelligence is present.
The recognition of mistakes is very important because we all make mistakes and sometimes we wish we could turn it back.
We know that there are people can be hurt by mistakes and who are then disappointed or shocked, and make a decision nothing more want to deal with this person / people in the future.
However, there are also those who are smart and see through the flaws as they can understand and comprehend that it does not get done by purpose, so there is no intention to be angry.
It is always has a reason why mistakes are made, often it goes back into the past, where education, knowledge and environment play a major role.
Some understand certain backgrounds and lifestyles and see it through, and get out the generated flaws despite the widespread havoc that get left behind.
Experiences and life lessons can anyone make sense and make them aware that this is a part of our life where human flaws are normal.
By repentance and love show there will be a change in the disposition occurred and forgiveness will be given by the people who have all the good in their hearts.
Someone who has good intentions and then makes an ( impromptu ) flaw is not suddenly a bad person, but something has happened that needs to be corrected.
And any individual who has something bad damage by thinking a stupid thoughtless act or will ask with all his heart for reconciliation and find a solution for it Will also feel ashamed and apologize from the bottom of their heart and ask for forgiveness and have in mind what has now happened and caused by failure from them and would like to solve it.
While a intelligent individual, the victim can assess and interpret, because they see the flaws as a mistake and can evaluate a true person.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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Sensible Individuals See the Real Person Behind the Flaws 13 July 2015

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