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Rain is better than Battling the Setback.
But by this point we are all equal.
Everyone Has to do with it in life.
That we will all get in the holes at some point.
The moment where nobody is waiting.
And Does not on his thoughts.
If we think positively we could start somewhere.
Or invented a new plan.
We are currently very happy.
But are there not just with our thoughts.
Until disaster strikes and the truth comes.
And our mood will breaks into two.
And together we have learned something.
So we cherished the reality.
We have all our lessons and well-being follows.
So how could it be wrong.
Ohhh, I had more familiar with it.

A Setback is too late If you get confronted with it.
Learn it for the next time.
And it will do not deprive you the courage.
Just need a bit more work and accelerated.
You’ll gets up there again.
Just keep believing in yourself.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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