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Some people are afraid of their own shadow.
Only see the dark side of existence.
Search for everywhere what is behind and see things that are not there.
Life with a lot of imagination and make themselves fool with everything.
Also try to influence others and engage with their fantasies.
Talk about things they have never experienced in their life.
Speak or it just happened and they still believe it.
Their imagination are seen or caught in their minds.
And believe it so that it really happened and tell them the truth.
Many believe them also, because they can tell so beautiful story.
It is the shadow of reality but not from original to distinguish.
But it is good if nobody noticed it and then everyone is happy with it.
Then there are people still happy with it and feel entertained.
Amuse themselves with illusions with a shadow of reality.
Only the shadow continues to haunt them.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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